Selenium Testing Training in Chennai

The automation framework that say no to scripts and automation testing for web applications which makes it unique from the test automation tools and thus also makes it a most preferred test automation tool. Selenium’s biggest advantage is the Selenium IDE which makes the test automation possible without scripts and thus you can use any language you’re comfortable to make the automation possible with this IDE. Also, this tools is not platform specific as it can be used on Windows, Linux, MAC or any operating system you need and also this is an open source software which we can use for free. This also provides a record and playback tool that helps in authoring test cases without any scripting knowledge. The advantages that we have in Selenium makes it the most important for test engineers and there are a lot of requirements in today’s IT industry. With all this, CodingCub provides the best Selenium Training in Chennai for people who are interested in taking up this as their career path. We are the leading Selenium training institute in Chennai started with an aim to provide a transformation for each and every student to a professional.

Manual and automation testing are the broad category of testing and now that manual testing is going down and automation testing is gaining importance nowadays and thus we are getting the transformation today. There is a lot of people moving from manual to automation and selenium is the one that is used mostly. We at CodingCub, the best Selenium Training Institute in Chennai provides the Selenium training for people who are undergoing the transformation and also to people who are interested in taking up Selenium automation as their fresh career. We have the best experienced Selenium trainers working for the top MNC companies at work for training our students today. The trainers help our students to understand Selenium in and out and to get the in-depth knowledge on the automation tools. We also arrange for one-on-one session along with the trainers to clarify your doubts in person and explain them clearly on the concepts they are not clear.

We also provide 100% job guarantee Selenium Training Course in Chennai to make the job availability to the students easily and we have a separate team of HR working with the MNC companies to the best career path to our students. Register with us today for making a successful Selenium test engineers and find the right career path in the industry easily. Call us and schedule a demo class with us to learn Selenium in Chennai.

Selenium Training Course syllabus

  • Introduction
    • Introduction of selenium
    • Selenium components
    • How differs from other automation tools
    • Advantages of selenium
    • Overview of Testing framework
    • Overview of Eclipse
  • Selenium Architecture
    • Selenium RC Architecture
    • Web driver Architecture
    • Vs Selenium RC
    • Brief explanation about advantages of web driver
  • Locator Techniques
    • Introduction about locator concept
    • Brief explanation of different locator techniques
    • X path techniques explanation with different kind of real time scenarios
  • Selenium IDE
    • Download and Installation
    • Record and playback techniques
    • Modifying the script using IDE
    • Convert the IDE script into RC script
    • Validate the locator value using IDE
  • Selenium setup
    • Explanation of step by step instructions for setup
    • Integration of eclipse and Testing
  • Selenium RC
    • Start the Selenium server
    • Basics of Annotations in Testing
    • Write the basic script of Selenium RC
    • How to execute the scripts ( different ways) and look the results
    • Brief explanation of commands in selenium RC
  • WebDriver
    • Web driver setup
    • Detailed discussion about web driver commands
    • Handling different browsers
    • Create our own methods in web driver
    • More programming techniques in web driver
    • Using RC commands from web driver project
    • Migration of selenium 1 code to selenium 2
    • Project structure organization
  • TestNG
    • Brief about Testing framework and Testing
    • Annotation concept and different types
    • Testing Configuration
    • Suite execution from command prompt without eclipse
    • Parallel script execution
    • Grouping the test cases
    • Parameter configurations
    • Suite creation methodology
    • Report generation
    • Assertions
    • Verification
    • Listeners in Testing
    • Create customized report using Testing & Java
  • AutoIT
    • Need of AutoIT tool
    • Basics of AutoIT tool and create simple script
    • Converting AU3 file to exe file
    • Calling AutoIT script from selenium project
  • Selenium Grid
    • Introduction of selenium Grid
    • Installation and setup of Hub and node
    • Script changes for Selenium grid execution
    • Simple script execution using grid
    • Parallel execution using grid

Testimonials (SANTHOSH)

I completed software testing training course in CodingCub, the class was really good . Trainer made sure we understood the topic of discussion before moving on to the next. practical sessions gave us a better understanding to the subject. this has given me confidence to write test cases in software testing and i got placement in Accenture my dreams comes true now. Thanks to CodingCub. . I refer my friends to learn in CodingCub...


Testimonials (SARANYA)

I recently completed my Software Testing course in CodingCub Institute. Each and every part clearly explained by the trainer. His teaching is very easy to understand and 100% Job assurance because I got placed in MNC Company. which was conducted drive by the institute. I loved it. I strongly recommend you guys to join in this CodingCub institute and make your dreams come true. Thanks to CodingCub.


Testimonials (AARTHI DEVI)

I have completed My Software Testing course in CodingCub. It was very good experience for me so that I have gained more knowledge in the software testing field which I was not aware of before .The trainer was very good teaching in both practical & theoretical oriented with real time examples. They will clear all your doubts no matter how many time we ask the same questions. It was very helpful to me gaining knowledge and I am completely satisfied..Thanks to CodingCub.