About Us

CodingCub is one of the leading Software Testing Training Institute in Chennai and one of the most preferred training institute. The whole intention of this best software testing training in Chennai is to groom the engineers on the latest new technologies and fill the gap you have with the industry. We all dream for four years of college to get a right job for us but the education and knowledge we get in our college will not be suffice to meet the company requirements. Technically strong people are the one who are required for the industry in the today’s world and are we technically strong should be the question that should come into your mind. CodingCub is here to make you the best and technically very strong on software testing may it be manual or automation. We have trained almost 1000 people on software testing and placed them in the leading MNC companies.

CodingCub was started by a most struggled IT professional to make it easy for the talented people to reach out their dream without great struggle. There are lot of people who are striving hard to get their career start but we at CodingCub make it easy for our students to get the career start in a couple of months with the best software testing training in Chennai. CodingCub has been rated to be the best Software Training Institute in Chennai and we strive towards growth of our students which in-turn grows us. Our student’s success is the success to our institute and thus we always strive towards our student’s success. CodingCub has collaborated hands with the leading technical architects and leads to be a part of our training and provide our students the knowledge they have got throughout their career. The syllabus is well framed to meet the requirements of the IT industry and we have the syllabus framed after discussion and requirement gathering from various companies.

Through the best software testing training in Chennai, CodingCub aims in bringing the professionals out from each and every student. Our training is to make you understand the real work you will be doing out in the industry and understand the requirements the company expects from you in the interview process. CodingCub, the best software testing training institute in Chennai is here to help you grow in the professional life and make you successful. Never have a second thought, just schedule a demo class with us to know more about our trainers and training programs. Call us to get a demo class schedule and leaves us you feedback.

Testimonials (SANTHOSH)

I completed software testing training course in CodingCub, the class was really good . Trainer made sure we understood the topic of discussion before moving on to the next. practical sessions gave us a better understanding to the subject. this has given me confidence to write test cases in software testing and i got placement in Accenture my dreams comes true now. Thanks to CodingCub. . I refer my friends to learn in CodingCub...


Testimonials (SARANYA)

I recently completed my Software Testing course in CodingCub Institute. Each and every part clearly explained by the trainer. His teaching is very easy to understand and 100% Job assurance because I got placed in MNC Company. which was conducted drive by the institute. I loved it. I strongly recommend you guys to join in this CodingCub institute and make your dreams come true. Thanks to CodingCub.


Testimonials (AARTHI DEVI)

I have completed My Software Testing course in CodingCub. It was very good experience for me so that I have gained more knowledge in the software testing field which I was not aware of before .The trainer was very good teaching in both practical & theoretical oriented with real time examples. They will clear all your doubts no matter how many time we ask the same questions. It was very helpful to me gaining knowledge and I am completely satisfied..Thanks to CodingCub.